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The Components of Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence provides marketers with the tools to leverage valuable insights from their customer data.

  • Score

    A powerful predictive algorithm values each customer in real-time based on products of interest, level of engagement, and intent.

  • Personalization

    Boost customer engagement by delivering personalized messaging across your most effective channels.

  • Attribution

    Understand which channels deliver the best results and adjust your strategy accordingly.

  • Data Modeling

    Understand your customers' path to purchase and identify potential customers with similar attributes.

  • Identity Resolution (IDR)

    Recognize each customer as the same individual no matter the device or channel they choose to interact with your brand.

Client Success

Toyota NL
Improve Web Leads Using Customer Intelligence
Lindner Hotels
Customer Intelligence Boosts Email Engagement 400%

Lindner Hotels & Resorts wanted to foster direct relationships with their guests and boost direct bookings online by encouraging more signups for their email newsletter and discount vouchers.   

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