Multichannel Attribution Remains A Priority For US Marketers

Almost two-thirds of US marketing professionals said their company has increased its prioritization of marketing attribution in the past year. eMarketer estimates that more than six in 10 US companies will use multichannel attribution in 2018. So, why is multichannel attribution so important? And how can we use it to leverage personalization capabilities and definitively tie marketing efforts to tangible results?

Cross-device attribution is a result of identifying a user’s device ID, cookies, IP address, etc. across multiple devices, combined with a clear understanding of that user’s interests (search history, time on a site, product page views and other unique data that qualify her or him as a potential customer). Those insights combined allow marketers to serve up the most appropriate piece of messaging to an individual consumer. Through IgnitionOne Score-Powered Audiences, it becomes possible to support the feedback loop of data intake and then deliver relevance to future interactions, all within the context of understanding where customers are in their journey to better engage with them.

Messaging can be based on more than just their behavior on your site during a specific visit. The marriage of a customer’s location in the purchase funnel and their physical location could look something like this: A customer has been browsing on a retail site twice before – once on their mobile device and once on their laptop. Cross-device attribution has allowed marketers to track and score that cross-device behavior, so the next time the customer visits that site, their “previously viewed” items across multiple devices all appear. Their score indicates a high propensity to buy based on past visits and time spent on the site. Armed with the knowledge of that customer’s behavior across devices, along with physical location, the marketer can respond directly with a relevant, personalized message – reminding the customer of their need for the item they abandoned while offering a seasonal or location-based incentive.

Cross-device attribution and geo-targeting can be a powerful combination in converting customers or even winning back customers who have abandoned their carts. It’s about showing them that not only do you know them on a 1:1 level, but that you also understand how to use that knowledge to make their experience a better one.

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