Marketers Prioritize Personalization for 2018

With the start of a new year looming, it’s time to begin laying out the game plan for 2018. We asked retailers to fill us in on the different goals they’ve set to drive the most efficient conversions for the year ahead. This research draws attention to the fact that 67% of retailers identified personalization as their key goal. Marketers are looking to turn their marketing strategies up a notch and master the micro-moments that lead to acquisition and conversions of those customer connections and engagements. As the competitive landscape of retail becomes increasingly more intense, the battle continues to deliver the greatest customer experience and creating an experience that is rich in personalized content is the only way to compete. Customers expect agility, responsiveness, and satisfaction from every retailer. So if retailers want to survive 2018, they must not only deliver the highest standards of products and services but the highest standards of cross-channel experiences too. There may not be a secret recipe for achieving the ultimate customer experience, but there is a vital ingredient; data.

Many retailers are utilizing customer data to identify targeted customer segments to make specific offers, to personalize the customer journey with dynamic creative across channels, and ultimately differentiate their brands. Not only do they plan to use customer data for targeting, but for improving their shopping experiences too. In fact, retailers stated ‘multi-touch attribution’ as their second most important goal for next year. As brand differentiation becomes even more difficult, providing personalized, contextual shopping experiences—truly making a customer’s experience his or her own—is essential to differentiating one’s brand and achieving a superior customer experience across both verticals and channels.

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