IgnitionOne Rolls Out Support of Bing Expanded Text Ads on Platform

As marketers continue to experiment with the benefits of Expanded Text Ads, IgnitionOne is happy to announce the support of Bing Expanded Text Ads and expanded device targeting on the IgnitionOne platform. Since the initial launch of Expanded Text Ads, marketers have been exploring the opportunity to better align paid search creative with creative across other channels, allowing for a more unified cross-channel experience.

“The rise of this new format is a key part of the recipe for creating a more fully fleshed-out digital advertising experience,” said Dave Ragals, Global Managing Director, Search at IgnitionOne, “We’re looking forward to supporting Bing Expanded Text Ads on our platform as we continue to broaden the solutions we offer marketers.”

While the more robust promotional content and dynamic keyword insertion offered by ETAs is not without its challenges (marketers need to remember the 3 T’s: Test, Test, Test to make sure they’re getting the most out of the format), Bing has already seen success for their clients.

“We’re excited about IgnitionOne’s support for Expanded Text Ads on their platform,” said Eugene Goldenshteyn, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Bing, “Since launching Expanded Text Ads, our highly engaged customers have seen 10-15% higher CTRs when compared to Standard Text Ads.”

Bing also offers the opportunity for users to set a Native Ad preference on their ETAs for ads that have been created to serve in a specific context, ensuring the goal of “right message, right time, right person” is reached for maximum benefit.

IgnitionOne is looking forward to working with Bing as evolutions in technology continue to allow more opportunities for marketers and better experiences for consumers.

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