Future-Proofing the In-Store Experience

Despite the widespread rise of online shopping and the exponential growth of e-commerce giants like Amazon, IgnitionOne’s Retail Insights: Connecting Today’s Consumer confirms that Generation Z is bringing physical shopping back to life. The research found that out of all the age groups Gen Z spent the least amount of money and time purchasing goods online with 67% preferring to shop inside a brick and mortar location. So, what will this mean for retail?

Well, because consumers want to shop in-store, retailers must now give them a reason to be there. Brick and mortar locations must dramatically transform if retail plans to capture and sustain shoppers of all ages into the future. The greatest importance will be placed on fusing the online and offline world – creating a 360-seamless experience across all touchpoints.

Download IgnitionOne’s Retail Insights report where we give an in-depth analysis of the continued importance of pop-up shops, online retailers opening brick & mortar locations, the emergence of augmented reality and virtual reality as part of the shopping experience, and the growing importance of click & collect.

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