How Facebook’s News Feed Changes Will Impact Marketers

By now you’ve probably heard about the changes Facebook is making to their algorithm. Long story short – marketers are going to have to spend more dollars to get their content in front of users. Just another hurdle in the day of a marketer’s life.

Facebook is going to begin prioritizing posts shared and discussed among users and friends over posts from publishers and brands. This means that advertisers will have to pay a hefty fee for posts to achieve the same amount of visibility. Inevitably, CPMs will go up, and marketers will now have to make smarter decisions about which users to invest their dollars and optimize bids.

How? What’s a marketer to do?

Leverage Score-Powered Marketing! Score-Powered Marketing measures the historical and real-time behavior of each individual – enabling you to identify individuals’ products of interest, likelihood to convert, and more.

By leveraging score, marketers will be able to focus spend on their most valuable audiences. The result? Maximized ROI.

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