Experience Above All: Pt. 5 of the Holiday Cart Abandonment Series

In the final part of our holiday cart abandonment series, we take a closer look at how to improve website UX to decrease abandonment. 

It’s About the Destination, Not the Journey 

We’ve all been there – you’ve spent a long time researching an upcoming purchase, you go to the eCommerce site to finally buy, and the UX fails you. The experience is disjointed or too slow, making it difficult to make a purchase and ultimately leading to you abandon your cart, frustrated and annoyed.

In eCommerce, it isn’t about the journey, it’s about the destination. And that destination is the purchase. The customer experience plays a big role in on-site purchases, and a large number of carts are abandoned due to an unsatisfactory (or worse, broken) path to purchase. Even the best marketing incentive tactics can’t tempt back a customer who hasn’t been able to successfully navigate your website or find the Buy Now button. There is no radical solution to the problem of poor UX, but there is a simple one: test it, then improve it.

Now is the Time 

When asking when is the right time to QA your customer experience and consider changing what isn’t working, the answer is always “Now”. Don’t be afraid to up-end old systems and tactics if those tactics aren’t helping you gain and retain customers, and periodically test your site to make sure it’s optimized across devices.

On the customer experience front, tools like the website personalization enablement offered on the IgnitionOne Marketing Platform can help ensure that when a potential customer visits your website, the buying process is easy and individualized, thus minimizing cart abandonment. For example, if a customer goes to a retail website and places a shirt in their cart, but then returns to the homepage of that site rather than clicking through to finalize their purchase, website personalization technology allows you to change the image on the homepage to reflect the item in their cart. That extra split-second reminder, or a pop-in that appears based on leave intent that makes it simple to return to their cart and finalize the purchase, can be the difference between a customer abandoning their cart or following through.

That’s a (Gift) Wrap 

Ultimately, online shopping should be three things: intuitive, streamlined and personalized. Customers want brands that understand them and deliver what they want – both in terms of product and in terms of incentives and purchase processes.

This is the last part of our Holiday Cart Abandonment series, but that doesn’t mean the conversation is over. If you’re ready to learn more about how IgnitionOne can help you decrease cart abandonment and increase revenue this holiday season, we’d love to connect.


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