Building brand affinity via personalized, cross-channel strategies

Original Article by Kelly DeRosa for Luxury Daily

Over the past two decades, the luxury goods industry has faced a number of shakeups and hurdles as emerging digital media channels continue to challenge retailers to innovate traditional marketing strategies. Marketing for luxury brands in particular requires a unique approach, since conventional, mass-market brand promotion methods are less applicable. After all, luxury retailers traditionally exude the belief that the brand’s prestige and desirability should speak for itself.

To remain on top, brands must continue to invest in their digital footprint and develop an effective omnichannel strategy to facilitate a seamless customer experience. For example, by using customer data to anticipate and fulfill a customer’s expectations at every step of the shopping journey, marketers can go a long way toward strengthening those relationships and building brand loyalty. Brands that are slow to take full advantage of emerging marketing channels to evolve their digital strategy will risk getting left behind.

Learn how marketers can build brand affinity via personalized, cross channel strategies by clicking here.

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