The 3 Keys to a Healthy Relationship with Your Customers

First impressions are everything. From the moment you first interact with a potential customer – expectations are high, and they only continue to increase. While many brands try their best to keep up, there is still more most could be doing to attract and keep the customers of their dreams. Leveraging customer data is key in identifying vital interaction points to ramp up the love.

Here are our three tips to ensure you have the healthiest relationship you can with your customers: 

Know your Audience: Start with the audience you’re trying to reach and design your content strategy around them. Demonstrate that you know them by embracing your target personas – get intimate with who they are, what they do, what they think, what keeps them up at night, what makes them laugh. 

Map out the typical customer journey: Use this as a starting point to simplify the moments that matter. As you continue to leverage customer data in an effort to grease the funnel, you can prevent the impression of fits and starts by mapping out and tackling one journey at a time. Even if you can’t do everything right away, you can at least allow for consistency across specific audiences. Start with the ones that matter most to your success.

Look for “moments of truth”: Optimize those points of engagement first when it comes to effective messaging and customizing of cross-channel content.

You know more than you think you do about your core audiences. Take action on those insights and assumptions. It’s the fusion of science into the art of marketing to bring the brand experience to life for your audiences, and bringing your audiences to life for your brand.

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