IgnitionOne Partners with Blockchain Provider Ternio To Enable Transparency In Programmatic Advertising

IgnitionOne Partners with Blockchain Provider Ternio To Enable Transparency In Programmatic Advertising

NEW YORK, June 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IgnitionOne, a leading global marketing technology and data analytics provider, today announced a new partnership with Ternio, the blockchain leader bringing transparency to programmatic digital advertising. IgnitionOne’s Customer Intelligence Platform leverages customer data to provide clients with actionable insights that inform smarter and more effective marketing decisions. Through this partnership, IgnitionOne will be one of the first buying platforms to offer its clients Ternio’s blockchain technology for programmatic advertising campaigns. As a result, advertisers will now have complete transparency of their ad spend throughout the entire supply chain – including what is being bought, where it is purchased, and the value of that buy.

Lack of supply chain transparency has been an ongoing problem in digital advertising. By incorporating Ternio’s blockchain technology, IgnitionOne and its clients can effectively reduce waste and get more value out of their ad spend. Additionally, by increasing transparency in the supply chain for programmatic campaigns, IgnitionOne clients can pinpoint exactly where their ad dollars are going.

“At IgnitionOne, we pride ourselves on sharing real-time insights with our clients that allow them to make more informed, effective decisions. Our new relationship with Ternio expands on that mission,” said Christopher Hansen, Chief Product Officer at IgnitionOne. “In addition to our in-depth customer insights and impactful campaign executions, we now have access to the only blockchain solution that can handle high-scale programmatic advertising in a fully decentralized environment.”

Ternio helps to solve the problems that plague digital advertising – lack of transparency as well as lengthy payment models and advertising fraud – by using a highly scalable and fully decentralized blockchain framework called Lexicon. The Lexicon framework uses smart contracts to ensure demand side terms are met while also providing visibility into the transactions in the supply chain. Ternio’s technology is the only decentralized blockchain that can support the high queries per second (QPS) required for programmatic buying and selling.

“IgnitionOne is a forward-thinking company that is always looking to provide better solutions to their advertising clients,” said Ian Kane, Co-Founder at Ternio. “By using Ternio’s Blockchain framework, IgnitionOne clients get more from every marketing dollar, translating to better ROI and more effective ad spend. We are excited to partner together so all IgnitionOne clients have the ability to purchase blockchain-verified inventory.”