POV: Google Removes Access to Doubleclick ID

Jun 19, 2018

POV: Google Removes Access to Doubleclick ID

On April 27, Google announced that it would no longer allow marketers access to user IDs from DoubleClick Campaign Manager, its industry-leading ad server – ostensibly to protect user privacy in anticipation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ruling.

The removal of user IDs makes it difficult for most marketers to distinguish the unique interactions that each customer has with their brand. Without these user-level insights, marketers will be inhibited in their ability to build conversion attribution profiles and produce multi-touch attribution (MTA) reports.

While multi-touch attribution isn’t the only way for marketers to measure the impact of their ad campaigns, MTA reports nevertheless provide the most accurate and most comprehensive understanding of each customer’s journey across channels.

For marketers who want to have a view of multi-touch attribution, download our POV to learn more about your options and what IgnitionOne can do for you.



  • What the removal of DoubleClick user IDs means for marketers
  • Options for maintaining a view of multi-touch attribution
  • IgnitionOne’s multi-touch attribution capabilities
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