Automate data collection from across your systems – and make it available for omnichannel marketing across the platforms you use today.

Robust Data Management
Ingest and process customer data in real-time to enable a range of marketing and advertising activities.


Target customers across channels with precision, based on any combination of data points.

Measurement & Insights

Overlay data along with your omnichannel marketing results to get unprecedented visibility into what drives business outcomes.


Combine customer data with contextual signals and more to tailor omnichannel messaging for each recipient.

Collect Customer Data From Any Source


First-Party Data
Unlock the potential of your customer of your customer data with real-time behavior as well as by ingesting data from other systems such as your CRM or Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems.

Second-Party Data
Gather data sets from our partner network to augment your customer Customer Intelligence with real-time contextual signals such as location, weather, web history, and more.

Third-Party Data
Access a range of third-party data providers to enrich your existing customer data – or to find new customers that look like your best customers. 


Accumulate Customer Data Right Away
IgnitionOne Customer Intelligence can be implemented rapidly – enabling you to start collecting and taking action on customer data in a matter of hours.