Identify Your Highest-Value

Visitors and Their True Interests

Get to know the products, services and categories that your site visitors are engaging with – so you can understand their true interests and predict the likelihood of each visitor to convert.

Create Precise Segments

for Targeted On-Site Messaging

Leverage what you know about your visitors to present personalized messaging at key moments on your website to and boost conversions and average order values.

Enjoy Powerful, Flexible

Campaign Management Tools

Get access to robust online tools that enable triggered interactions and power content personalization. Simple campaign management tools give you control over an array of targeting, scheduling and triggering parameters.

Get LiveMarketer

for Real-Time Site Visitor Information

Get access to LiveMarketer(SM) – and access live, on-demand reporting that gives you unprecedented visibility over how your visitors are interacting with your website in real-time.

At a Glance

  • Create 1:1 experiences for each visitor to your website with relevant offers based product of interest, level of engagement, likelihood to convert, and other criteria
  • Identify and Score your most engaged & valuable visitors – and leverage the IgnitionOne Marketing Platform to activate them across other marketing channels
  • Access live, on-demand reporting that shows you how visitors are interacting with your site in real-time
  • Use with IgnitionOne native marketing tools to maximize results across digital channels or within your existing marketing technology infrastructure
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