Send the Right Message

at the Right Place

Reach customers at scale, right when they are looking to buy a product like yours -- regardless of geography, the search engines they use to find you, or your business structure.

Simplify Your

Search Engine Campaign Management

Automate campaign management tasks and reach audiences by device, location, and time of day leveraging device-specific bid adjustments, advanced dayparting, flexible scheduling, and more.

Enjoy Easy Bulk Editing

for Search Marketing Campaigns

Perform changes to ads, ads groups, and more with easy and flexible bulk editing capabilities that allow you to perform changes offline using your favorite spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel.

Utilize Powerful

Bid Optimization Tools

Manage your search marketing efforts against your own unique goals – and use our proprietary SPOT® technology to set strategies and optimize bids at the portfolio level to help meet or exceed your marketing goals.

At a Glance

  • Create, manage and optimize your search marketing programs across geographies and engines
  • Take advantage of Search Engine Marketing features including RLSA, expanded text ads and the new device-specific bid modifiers
  • Test and optimize ads, landing pages, and more to enhance search marketing outcomes
  • Leverage Score-Powered Marketing to reach your most valuable audiences
  • Use with IgnitionOne native marketing tools or leverage within your existing marketing technology infrastructure
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