Target the Same Audiences

Across Devices and Formats

Reach audiences at scale in any geography, across top sites both desktop and mobile web -- plus apps -- with campaigns for prospecting, competitive conquesting, and remarketing that can acknowledge interests and past purchases.

Support for Product

Feeds and Dynamic Creative

Deliver relevant, targeted messaging with dynamic creatives that feature your products or services. Or, deliver dynamic messaging based on real-time information about who is viewing your ad, and where it is displayed.

Auto-Adjust Bids

Creatives and More

With IgnitionOne Display, you can determine the perfect combination of price, message, media and audiences. Our built-in optimization tools do the hard work to ensure marketing efficiency, so you can focus on results.

Get a Full View of Cross-Channel

and Cross-Device Attribution

With IgnitionOne, you also get a clear picture of your customers’ paths-to-purchase – so you can determine which combinations of channels, devices, and messaging generate sales.

At a Glance

  • Identify and activate high-value audiences across the customer lifecycle
  • Enable personalized, targeted cross-channel messaging that creates engagement with your brand
  • Achieve unprecedented scale with access to over 100+ inventory, data and technology partnerships
  • Leverage Score-Powered Marketing to improve reach, enhance performance, and focus spend on those who are most likely to convert
  • Use with IgnitionOne native marketing or within your existing marketing technology infrastructure
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