Customer Intelligence Platform

Aggregating enormous amounts of data is one thing. Too often, the challenge is in analyzing this data in a way that helps marketers fully understand their customers and engage them with effective messaging that transforms browsers into buyers and buyers into advocates.

IgnitionOne’s Customer Intelligence Platform gives marketers the tools to leverage their data and build a centralized view of each customer, powering effective marketing decisions—all from a single platform.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Customer Data

Our Customer Intelligence Platform has been designed to uncover comprehensive insights from complex customer data and make it actionable across many engagement channels.


Data is collected, combined and analyzed in the platform, generating extensive behavioral information.

The components of customer intelligence enable the platform to learn and understand individual buying behaviors and preferences.

Activate these insights to deliver personalized messages across your most effective channels and maximize customer engagement.

Effortless Omnichannel

Solve the complexity of executing a unified strategy across your marketing channels by getting a real-time understanding of your customers.

Coordinate meaningful and consistent customer interactions across all channels creating a better experience, greater loyalty, and improved return on investment.

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    Drive Marketing Efficiency

    Maximize marketing efforts

    Maximize your marketing by focusing on your most valuable customers, delivering personalized messaging that boosts conversions across channels.

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    Elevate Customer Experience

    Leverage insights into each customer to engage them with personalized messaging throughout the customer journey.

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    Increase Lifetime Value

    Cultivate relationships to transform engaged customers into brand advocates by offering unique promotions and experiences.

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    A Unified View

    Manage your omnichannel strategy and measure results from a single platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing technology.


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