Mazda Increases Website Form Completions While Retaining a Smooth Customer Journey

The Challenge

Mazda Motor Europe wanted to create on-site forms that performed better than the existing forms on their websites. The forms had to be easily adaptable for varying marketing campaigns and provide more flexibility to individual markets.


The usual customer journey would involve the visitor to click on ‘test drive’ or ‘request a brochure’ either along the top menu or on a sidebar. This would then navigate to a separate form page, directing the visitor away from the page of interest and disrupting the journey. IgnitionOne implemented floating forms, which appear as a layer on top of the current page being viewed, thus keeping the visitor on their page of interest. These forms are responsive, adapting to the screen size of the device for ease of use. Floating Forms can be modified in real-time allowing further optimization by adapting copy and visuals; this includes adjustments to reflect existing marketing campaigns. Additionally, IgnitionOne placed performance metrics to measure exactly how the form was used, i.e. time spent per field, errors per field, where users abandon the form, etc.

The Results

This initial test was run in Belgium. The results revealed that through implementing IgnitionOne floating forms, Mazda Belgium achieved an increase in form completion rate for brochure requests by 133% and 200% for test drive requests. This is a significant uplift achieved by using a solution that allows Mazda to personalize forms, adapt content easily and maintain the user experience on its website. This successful solution will be rolled out to 4 additional markets in Europe.

200%More Test Drive Appointments
133%More Brochure Requests
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