Mazda Boosts Conversions and Lead Quality with IgnitionOne

Their Challenge

Mazda Motors turned to IgnitionOne to help drive higher quality traffic to their websites – and generate more leads from in-market customers. Mazda had traditionally been challenged to leverage online Display advertising tactics to find high value audiences – and was unable to leverage cross-channel advertising to provide personalized offers to those audiences once onsite.

Our Solution

By leveraging SCORE-POWERED Marketing – along with IgnitionOne’s native Audience Console, Display and Website Personalization tools — Mazda was able to combine first- party data (including website visitor behavior, marketing results from cross-channel advertising, and data onboarded from the customer CRM), second-party contextual data from auto-related publisher sites, and third-party data from external providers to create an audience of in-market individuals. Mazda then reached these audiences across search, display and social to encourage site visits—and leveraged the IgnitionOne Score to present their most engaged website visitors with proactive onsite offers.

About the


After implementing IgnitionOne’s solution, Mazda boosted conversions across the board on their website – including a 133% lift in brochure requests and over 200% more test drives scheduled. Recognizing the success of the initial test, Mazda rolled out this solution to additional markets.

+200%More Test Drive Appointments
+133%More Brochure Requests
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