CPO Outlets

CPO Outlets Boosts Revenue While Lowering Cost-of-Sales with IgnitionOne

The Challenge

CPO Outlets, a leading American online tool retailer, sought to simplify a diverse collection of paid search campaigns and automate manual campaign management tasks — enhancing performance and efficiency, while driving increased revenue in the process. For example, CPO's search team optimized its portfolio of ads by performing individual bid adjustments to keywords across 40+ sites — representing multiple geographies and currencies. This approach was needlessly laborious, and created inefficiencies within its search engine accounts.

Our Solution

IgnitionOne worked with CPO Outlets to implement a unified Portfolio Optimization solution to enhance the efficiency of its bid optimization across engines and currencies — delivered as part of the IgnitionOne Marketing Platform. The solution combined CPO's search marketing efforts across several sites within a single portfolio and enabled the retailer to enhance performance, boost revenues, and lower its cost-of-sales.

The Results

At the end of the initial two-month pilot period, CPO Outlets sales from online paid search traffic increase by 26%, while cost-per-click dropped by 6%. Overall, this represented a 23% decrease in cost-of-sales for CPO Outlets. Recognizing the success of the pilot program, CPO engaged IgnitionOne in a long-term agreement to roll out the solution across territories.

26%Higher Sales
6%Lower Cost-Per-Click
23%Lower Cost-of-Sales
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