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Our Partnership

IgnitionOne is famous for generating high-quality, incremental leads for its 25 OEM & Dealer partners. In 2016, we generated 1.25 Million incremental, which was attributed to $8 billion in auto sales. The IgnitionOne Lead Generation program is active with BMW & MINI in the US and Canada as well as 11 markets around the globe. The relationship began in 2009 and continues to go strong. BMW dealers now have the opportunity to enroll into the IgnitionOne Proactive Lead Generation program to start acquiring more high-quality leads that convert to sales! BMW is currently utilizing this on Tier 1 and CPO.

How it works:

A beautifully designed modal “pops” when IgnitionOne’s machine-learning AI software determines a site visitor is “in-market” yet won’t fill out a form on your site organically.  IgnitionOne/Shift will provide reporting in order to review the benefits and additional leads.


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For the low price of $199/month each dealer is able to enroll in the IgnitionOne program and start driving more high-quality leads.

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