Website Personalization

Website personalization delivers custom experiences for users to drive conversions and improve customer experiences

You worked so hard to get your customers to your site – don’t stop short of the goal. With IgnitionOne website personalization, marketers have the ability to automate a customized online experience to deliver conversions and results. This can include:

  • Lead generation technology that dynamically triggers real-time interactions, such as chat and “call me back” windows, sign-up forms, vouchers, coupons, special offers and more
  • Dynamic offers based on the Engagement Score of the person on the site
  • Triggered email for abandoned carts paired with display retargeting and website content on their return visit, and more.

Dramatically improve conversions or qualified leads with site interactions are customized to each site visitor’s product interests and point in the customer journey. The outcome is a more relevant visitor experience, an increased return on your online investment, and a happy bottom line.


Case Study

Learn how Philips tripled email campaign performance by leveraging user behavior profiles

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Self-service tool to create forms, tailored content for users for website personalization and marketing automation
Digital marketing is more than just churning out disconnected ads and emails and content. It needs to be about artfully and tactically weaving a story, presenting a sequence of logical messages in a particular order across various media, which, in turn, fosters a relationship between marketer and consumer and establishes trust. IgnitionOne gives marketers the opportunity to participate in true digital storytelling. By understanding the customer lifecycle journey, Web Personalization allows the marketer to serve messages so each interaction is a crucial part of the marketer’s story and not just a repetition of the last exposure. This means the marketer is contributing something new to the conversation whenever they engage with a customer, adding value to their relationship, generating leads and selling product through storytelling.  This leads to more conversions and improved usability – everyone wins.

 Livemarketer data visualization tool scores users engagement and interest to deliver relevant content and personalized experiences on your website and through marketing automation


Our Website Personalization solutions take advantage of LiveMarketer, IgnitionOne’s proprietary audience profiling engine. LiveMarketer takes static reports and analytics and transforms them into a dynamic visualization of the real-time interest and actions on your site. See site visitors as they browse your site. Trigger dynamic interactions based on Engagement Score thresholds and use product interest and likelihood to convert to serve more appropriate and efficient messaging through email as well ad media channels.

Renault Russia has worked with IgnitionOne to successfully increase the number of onsite conversions and drive lead generation. The collaboration has realized an improvement of 100% of the visitors-to-lead conversion rate in just 4 months. IgnitionOne’s solutions are easy to implement, very effective and were instrumental in creating impressive results in our digital marketing efforts. –  Lyudmila Rybakova , Digital Manager Eurasia Region, Renault Russia

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