SearchIgnite Launches Portfolio Optimization Technology

Leading search management firm to offer sophisticated marketers expanded campaign management and optimization options

NEW YORK – December 19, 2005 – SearchIgnite, a leading search management software company, today announced that it has released a new software platform aimed at maximizing advertiser returns on paid search campaigns. In addition to its current keyword research, bid management and performance tracking technology, SearchIgnite now has expanded its capabilities to support portfolio-based optimization, allowing clients to manage an entire portfolio of keywords to a particular business metric.

Unlike simple rules-based bidding systems, SearchIgnite can now give advertising agencies and sophisticated marketers the tools to optimize bids on portfolios of keywords across multiple engines and tie it into clients’ daily budgets to achieve specific metrics –cost per action (CPA), revenue, profitability, or site visits.

SearchIgnite’s expanded technology uses advanced mathematical algorithms to predict profitability scenarios, then determines the ideal bid/rank combination for each keyword and automatically places the bids on those keywords. The Portfolio Optimizer’s prediction and optimization engine is driven by non-linear spaced statistical modeling and other advanced mathematical techniques to find the optimal bid for each keyword across multiple search engines. SearchIgnite dynamically allocates the client’s budget across their portfolio of keywords based on business goals. SearchIgnite’s technology then closely monitors click-through and conversion rates, adjusting results consistently based on real-time findings.

“Much of the complexity within search marketing is tied to predicting results based on varying sets of criteria for each of the engines. Our experienced team of mathematicians –hand-picked from Wall Street because of their successes in predicting and modeling – have built an unparalleled technology with a user-friendly interface, giving our clients the most insight on how to maximize the performance of their search marketing campaigns,” said Roger Barnette, President of SearchIgnite.

SearchIgnite provides a single web-based dashboard to manage multiple online campaigns simultaneously across all major global search engines including Yahoo, Google, MSN, Kanoodle, and MIVA. Recent new clients include Digitas, one of the country’s leading digital and direct marketing agencies.

About SearchIgnite
SearchIgnite is a leading search bid management and portfolio optimization technology that uses complex algorithms to help marketers and advertising agencies achieve their ROI metrics across all the major engines. With comprehensive proprietary campaign measurement and optimization tools, SearchIgnite delivers a single dashboard to manage multiple simultaneous campaigns in real time. Clients include advertising agencies, online marketing firms and sophisticated marketers. SearchIgnite is a division of Innovation Interactive, a leading, diversified online marketing company offering advertisers a full suite of performance-based marketing solutions.

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