Time To Tame The Ad Tech Beast

The fragmentation of online advertising is stifling innovation. This is a problem for everyone in the online advertising ecosystem.

Because we’re all feeding the industry increasingly indulgent treats (the infamous landscape slides say it all), marketers are navigating the technology landscape instead of focusing on strategic initiatives and leveraging data insights more effectively.

The result is an overly complex system that prevents marketers from realizing the full potential of digital advertising, and arguably prevents online advertising budgets from growing as quickly as our industry would like. It’s high time we tackled the issues impeding progress and tamed the ad tech beast.

We need to move away from this complex and crowded landscape of ad technologies, and towards more centralized online marketing solutions that deliver higher ROI for marketers.

Read full article here: Time To Tame The Ad Tech Beast: Current Fragmentation, Inevitable Consolidation And The Rise Of The Data Marketing Suite
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