IgnitionOne Launches Industry First Engagement Optimization Solution

Company’s Digital Marketing Suite (DMS) offers brand marketers the ability to optimize ad spend based on behaviors and interests

NEW YORK – March 6, 2012 – IgnitionOne, the global leader in digital marketing solutions, is launching an industry-first Engagement Optimization offering, which addresses a glaring need for measurability of digital advertising for brand marketers.

Engagement Optimization measures a website visitor’s level of on-site activity in order to show the effectiveness of tracked media channels, while allowing the marketer to focus their media budgets on the advertising that creates the most visitor engagement.

Engagement metrics that marketers can measure and apply to their digital media include:

  • • IgnitionOne’s proprietary Engagement Score, which places a numerical value on each website visitor’s level of involvement and propensity to act – a critical tool when seeking to optimize media
  • • Average Engagement Score change per session
  • • Time spent on a website
  • • Frequency of visits
  • • Average page views per session
  • • Total new users per date range
  • • Total returning users per date range, and
  • • Categories of interest on the website

Until now, marketers were only able to optimize media spend against specific direct-response metrics such as clicks and conversions. IgnitionOne’s quantum leap in engagement measurement and optimization offers brand marketers the opportunity to measure the effectiveness of advertising towards reaching brand goals.

Engagement Optimization is seamlessly integrated within IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Suite (DMS), which allows marketers to manage, measure and optimize their digital media, attribution and website conversion from a centralized platform and singular tagging system.

“Engagement Optimization will change how brand marketers measure their online performance, similarly to how Attribution changed online ad measurement when we led the industry by introducing it to our platform three years ago. By understanding people’s engagement levels, marketers can optimize media even more effectively to increase brand goals,” said Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne. “Our objective is to simplify and streamline digital marketing, and the addition of Engagement Optimization to our Digital Marketing Suite is a landmark step in that evolution.”

In its beta phase, Engagement Optimization was tested by Europe’s leader in printing and personal publishing, PhotoBox. The results caught the attention of Econsultancy and IgnitionOne was awarded the ‘Innovation in Web Analytics and Optimization’ title at its awards held on 23 February.

Jamie Forshaw, Head of Performance Marketing at PhotoBox, agreed: “The potential of IgnitionOne’s latest innovation is huge. It would enable us to further understand how digital media is driving our brand forward, and in particular what aspects deliver real, concrete ROI. In today’s marketplace this is crucial. With such a vast array of digital marketing tactics on offer, we need to dissect what works best, then focus on these pinnacles by investing time, energy and resources into delivering them to the highest standard.”

Daniel Loebl, Online Marketing Director for Travel Guard, an early adopter of this solution said: “Being able to optimize our media against engagement and branding objectives will open up a whole new world for us. We will now be able to approach these goals with the same level of confidence as we have with our conversion KPIs.”

About IgnitionOne
IgnitionOne, a global leader in digital marketing solutions, enables companies to integrate cross-channel marketing efforts within one platform, allowing for deeper insights and greater online success. Managing over $1 billion of advertising annually across search, display and social, IgnitionOne provides the world’s top marketers with media optimization, cross-channel attribution and website conversion solutions. IgnitionOne’s solutions are backed by proprietary, best of breed technology: IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing Suite®.

IgnitionOne currently powers more than $30 billion in revenue each year for leading brands, including General Motors, Chico's, Ann Taylor, La Quinta, Travel Guard and Fiat, as well as advertising agencies such as MRM Worldwide and CyberAgent.

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