Past Events

  • 11/18/13
  • Chicago, IL
  • IgnitionOne's VP Strategy, Chris Knoch, will be a panelist on "Is Facebook FBX Living Up to the Hype?" at 12:15PM. A little more than a year after launching, the Facebook Exchange has already made a big splash in the display marketplace. FBX further legitimizes and explodes the scale of RTB by bringing onto the market massive quantities of inventory of that claims claims to solve some of RTB’s enduring challenges of transparency, targeting accuracy and inventory quality. Does it? At the same tome FBX brings to the market a formidable challenger to Google, other inventory sources and an unpredictable effect on overall pricing. The biggest questions surround whether it works and for whom and with what goals? We ask some of the platforms and agencies buying into this inventory to share their learning and concerns with the new gorilla in the market.
  • 11/13/13-11/14/13
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Back on the market: Using customer data to identify when owners are back in market and how to best communicate with them. There is an inevitable point in the customer cycle when everyone thinks about upgrading or replacing his or her vehicle. Wouldn’t it be great to know when this moment has come, what new model your customer was interested in and to be able to communicate with them accordingly? By integrating the information from the MyFiat owner’s site, the main website and Fiat’s CRM, Fiat were able to do just that. Fiat owners who moved back into the market for a new car were identified, qualified and targeted based on their specific interests, dramatically minimising the risk of losing them to a competitor brand.
  • 11/4/13-11/7/13
  • Chicago, IL
  • Roger Barnette, President of IgnitionOne, will sit on the panel, "The Impact of Enhanced Campaigns and Holiday," on November 7 at 12PM and will discuss CPC trends, how to leverage bid modifiers and other new Enhanced Campaigns features, and recommendations for how to prepare for the very first holiday season in the new world of Enhanced Campaigns.
  • 11/7/13
  • Diegem, Brussels, Belgium
  • IgnitionOne Brussels had expanded its team beyond the size of the office. So we moved… down the street! You can still find us in Diegem, but 600m away from our previous building. Come and celebrate with us on November 7th at 18:00 for after work drinks and food at our Grand Prix burger stand. Sign up to receive a VIP pass and more information on the link above. Our new office is situated on the top floor (5th), with a panoramic view over Diegem and Brussels behind it. You can even see the Atomium! Get a tour of our office and tour around our Diegem Carrera Remote control Racetrack. Quickest lap time on the day wins an iPod Nano! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us, ticket hotline: 02 725 87 11.
  • 10/24/13
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Direct Marketing: art or science? Kevin explains how the technological changes of the marketplace can be used to the marketer's advantage, with a combination of mad & math..
  • 10/15/13-10/17/13
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • IgnitionOne's President, Roger Barnette, will speak on October 16 at 1:20PM: "Forget Big Data—User-Level Data Is the Path to Successful Marketing Marketers are drowning in a flood of information brought by big data. More data isn’t always better; we need to get past quantity and focus on quality insights and the actionable information that may be gained from all that data. IgnitionOne and Land Rover will present a case study showing how advances in centralized user-level data are opening new pathways for powerful, more relevant marketing to automotive consumers via website optimization, targeted media buying, and dealer lead generation, as well as more effective mobile marketing.
  • 10/17/13
  • London, England
  • The online consumer experience is changing. Individuals expect brands to have a one-on-one conversation with them: on the device of their choice, in the format of their choice, about the interests of their choice. It’s becoming increasingly important for the integrated marketing strategies of brands to ignite consumers’ passions. This year at IAB Engage, IgnitionOne wants to help you ignite your marketing. We’ll have two IgnitionOne racers all revved up and ready to go. Speed around the lap in the quickest time on the day and you could win a 50 lap pass at Team Sport Indoor Go Karting, courtesy of IgnitionOne. Get ready to accelerate your digital marketing at IAB Engage.
  • 10/17/13
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • IgnitionOne wants to accelerate your Digital Marketing. If you're in Brussels on October 17th, come and visit us at Digital Marketing First (free entry). Race around our virtual track in the quickest time on the day and you could win Bongo Adventure bon or an Apple TV. You can find us at stand D22, at the entrance to the conference hall.
  • 10/15/13-10/16/13
  • Boston, MA
  • Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne, will sit on AGC's AdTech panel, October 16th from 12:10pm - 12:50pm. Topics vary from the growth of mobile, the emergence of programmatic, attribution practices, social and more.
  • 9/30/13-10/2/13
  • Chicago, IL
  • IgnitionOne will be attending this year's Annual Summit. We will also be hosting a party the evening of October 1 - please email for more details.
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