IgnitionOne Advisors Increase ROAS by 32% for Destination Brands

Efficiency Curve
Efficiency Curve
Case Study

Our client, a leading global developer of destination properties, sought to maximize their paid search presence for two of their top brands in order to take better advantage of the trends in online research and bookings. IgnitionOne performed an efficiency analysis, measuring the ratio of clicks to ad spend along an efficiency curve and determined that their existing search account was operationally inefficient, resulting in high CPCs and low ROI.

After conductung an account analysis, IgnitionOne identified that the brands also needed to improve the manageability of their accounts, A/B test promotional messaging, landing pages and creative in order to scale for recent and future growth. The account team determined that an account restructure would be the best approach for this challenge.

Situation Analysis

IgnitionOne suggested a complete restructure of the brands’ search marketing accounts to drastically improve the ease of testing within their search management campaigns, and enhance overall scalability.
To achieve this, IgnitionOne sought to develop an account structure that:

  • 1. Improved overall performance by allowing for regular testing and optimization

  • 2. Supported the targeting and segmentation of key geo-locations

  • 3. Facilitated quick and easy changes to promotional and creatives
IgnitionOne approached these goals through the following steps:

Clean Up — IgnitionOne proposed a reorganization of the search accounts. The redesign broke out top and middle level revenue driving themes against geographic locations to allow for less time-consuming alterations to creative.

Expand — The existing account structure made it difficult for the brands to control keyword bids and campaign budgeting. IgnitionOne’s Advisor teams identified profitable business segments and leveraged search query data to further extend keyword coverage.

Implement — After identifying strong and poor keyword performers and profitable segments, IgnitionOne executed the new account structure from its Digital Marketing Suite across geo locations and both Google and Yahoo!/Bing. The resulting new configuration allowed for:

  • • Clear campaign segmentation by interest
  • • Easy creative and landing page updates
  • • Standardization across all of the geo-targets
  • • More granular control of budgets
  • • Optimization of performance based on geo
  • • The ability to run accurate tests for new initiatives at the account, keyword and ad levels without impacting main performance goals
  • • The ability to add new keywords based on geo, theme, and tactic

  • • 17% decrease in Average CPC
  • • 18% increase in Conversion Rate
  • • 15% increase in Revenue
  • • 32% increase in ROAS


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