Client Testimonials

We are very proud of the feedback we have received from our clients and our contribution towards their success. Below are a few testimonials from some of our clients we have worked with:

My-Chau Nguyen, Sr VP, Direct Sales and Marketing, Sirius XM

We’ve seen our volume of subscriptions coming from search double in volume while the cost gone down in half. The click-through-rate has improved 65% and CPCs have gone down by 50% It’s a great success.

Julie Carey, Chief Marketing Officer, La Quinta Inns & Suites

I love the fact that IgnitionOne is always coming forward with new ideas, and absolutely understands that return on investment is paramount… The IgnitionOne customer service team is always available to us when we need them. They are really in touch with not only what our current objectives are but they are looking future forward to try to help us understand what some of the new trends are, what we need to be thinking about, and what we need to consider testing.

Jeffrey Wu, Executive Director of Digital Marketing, Las Vegas Sands

It’s not only the technology but it’s the people – the smartest people I’ve met in my career in digital have been at IgnitionOne. The way they think, the way they plan – and they’re always disruptive, challenging the convention. They are always trying to iterate and test and learn -- which allows me to have a comfort level that they are watching my business as much as I would.

Lyudmila Yablonskaya, Web & Mobile Manager, Renault Russia

Renault Russia has worked with IgnitionOne to successfully increase the number of onsite conversions and drive lead generation. The collaboration has realized an improvement of 100% of the visitors-to-lead conversion rate in just 4 months. IgnitionOne’s solutions are easy to implement, very effective and were instrumental in creating impressive results in our digital marketing efforts.

Ted Schweitzer, Vice President of E-Commerce, La Quinta Inns & Suites

IgnitionOne is the first-and- only technology solution that effectively bundles the many online technologies we use every day under one platform, which makes us more efficient, improves our marketing performance and more importantly, our ROI. Their centralized Digital Marketing Suite is a marketplace necessity, not a luxury.

Daniel Loebl, Online Marketing Director, Travel Guard

Being able to optimize our media against engagement and branding objectives opens up a whole new world for us. We will now be able to approach these goals with the same level of confidence as we have with our conversion KPIs.

Dale Fujimoto, Director of Marketing, CPO Commerce

IgnitionOne has impressed us with their incredibly professional, committed team. Through their efforts we have seen serious improvements in ROI performance. In addition, we are empowered by the ability to access all our key data about digital channels in a single, reporting interface in the Digital Marketing Suite. Together with IgnitionOne our team is able to continually optimize our marketing investment.

Tom Valentine, Founder and Managing Director, Secret Escapes

IgnitionOne’s automated technology not only will ensure customers get the best possible experience onsite by getting the right content at the right time, but we will also be able to analyse overall ROI more efficiently and effectively on one platform.

Andy Siviter, Operations Manager, I Spy Marketing

Understanding how different attribution models will impact our optimization gives us the data we need to find the optimal set up. IgnitionOne allows us to see what attribution profile will give us best return for media spend, without any financial risk.

Justin Schaldone, COO, eFashion Solution

IgnitionOne’s technology and predictive decision engine have far exceeded our expectations. Since we switched to optimizing our campaigns with IgnitionOne from another search marketing technology, we’ve seen our ROI improve by over 40%.

Erik Hovanec, CEO, LeisureLink

IgnitionOne and DataPop have improved the relevancy of our search advertising while keeping our costs in line and increasing our revenue return. Their combined technologies have greatly improved our ROI from search.

Duncan Parfitt, Head of Search, LBi

IgnitionOne’s got a user friendly platform with great people that make search account management and reporting easier.

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