Content Personalization

The IgnitionOne Content Personalization solution is powered by our predictive profiling technology, which analyzes your site visitors’ browsing behaviors and other data to understand their true interests – what they want and when they’ll be most likely to convert. Marketers that utilize our Content Personalization technology realize higher conversion rates and revenues from their websites.

Key Features

  • Content Personalization: Customize the content of your website dynamically and personalize product messaging for each visitor to ensure it addresses their unique buying interests at a given time. Showcase content that encourages cross-sales and drives higher average order values.
  • Customer Analytics: Understand the historical and real-time behavior of each individual visiting your site -- what products and services are most relevant to them and when they’re most likely to convert.
  • User Interface: Utilize the drag and drop functionality in our LiveMarketer interface to personalize your website on the fly, including triggering promotional offers and other on-site campaigns easily for different audience segments.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: With website content personalization, your customers receive a more relevant site experience that helps them easily find the products they want.

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