Lead Generation

IgnitionOne offers lead generation technology that dynamically triggers real-time interactions, such as chat and “call me back” windows, sign-up forms, vouchers, coupons, special offers and more. These interactions are customized to each site visitor’s product interests and point in the purchase funnel to dramatically improve conversions and qualified leads generated from your website.

The outcome is an enhanced online visitor experience and an increased return on your online investment.

Key Features

  • Real-time Dynamic Site Interaction: Set rules to trigger dynamic interactions - such as chat windows, sign-up forms, vouchers, coupons, special offers and more - customized based on site visitors’ interests and behavior on site.
  • Customer Analytics: Understand the historical and real-time behavior of each individual visiting your site -- what products and services are most relevant to them and when they’re most likely to convert.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Interactions such as chat windows and customized coupons and special offers provide value to visitors throughout their online shopping and browsing experience.

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