Marketing Automation

Marketers spend significant resources on advertising to drive site traffic, yet on average see only 1-2% of these visitors convert. IgnitionOne’s marketing automation solutions are proven to convert more of your website visitors into buyers or leads, improving return on ad spend and online revenue.

Our marketing automation technology has been powering online marketing conversion for more than a decade. The backbone of this technology is our proprietary engagement scoring engine, which measures the historical and real-time behavior of each individual visiting your site -- what products and services are most relevant to them and when they’re most likely to convert. Armed with this insight, the IgnitionOne marketing automation platform can deliver relevant offers, personalized site content and more to dramatically improve leads and conversions on your website.

Lead Generation

Set rules to trigger dynamic interactions - such as chat and “call me back” windows, sign-up forms, vouchers, coupons, special offers and more - customized based on site visitors’ interests and behavior on site.

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Content Personalization

Present customized messages to customers dynamically and in real-time based on their unique profile and engagement score.

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CRM Optimization

Enrich your CRM database with on-site interest scoring and profile data, so you can dynamically customize direct response campaigns to reflect your customers’ current interests.

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About our Proprietary Scoring Engine

LiveMarketer® is IgnitionOne’s proprietary audience profiling engine, which powers all of our marketing automation solutions. Below you will see a demonstration of this real-time dashboard in action, which showcases where each website visitor is within the purchase funnel by product or content category as well as all cross channel exposures that lead them to the site. LiveMarketer takes static reports and analytics and transforms them into a dynamic visualization of the real-time interest and actions on your site.

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IgnitionOne's LiveMarketer
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