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The IgnitionOne Advisor services are for marketers who want our internal performance marketing team to handle the day-to-day management of their online advertising campaigns and optimize them to achieve the best results. We have been optimizing paid search advertising for nearly a decade and were one of the pioneers in optimizing display in RTB environments on the exchanges, using some of the same techniques from search.

By combining the power of our industry-leading technology with daily campaign oversight from our optimization experts, IgnitionOne Advisor helps marketers save time and dramatically improve their campaign performance.

Services Offered

  • Paid Search Management: A dedicated Advisor will build out and actively manage your campaigns to ensure your paid search programs run smoothly and achieve high ROI. This service includes campaign and keyword development, establishment of campaign goals, budget and ROI forecasting, daily bid management and optimization, reporting and weekly performance reviews.
  • Display Management: IgnitionOne oversees large scale display campaigns across all major Ad Exchanges and Ad Networks. By partnering with one of our Advisors, you’ll receive hands on oversight, which includes campaign development, a customized media plan, daily bid management to maximize ROI and weekly reports and performance reviews.
  • Facebook Management: IgnitionOne can create, manage, and optimize your Facebook campaigns on a global scale. Advanced targeting and bid optimization for Facebook – all within the IgnitionOne attribution platform.
  • Attribution and Cross-Channel Analysis: IgnitionOne Advisors will perform a detailed cross-channel analysis of your media mix to determine the best attribution model for your goals and channels. Based on the findings, we’ll make recommendations on how to improve your advertising. With a custom attribution model from IgnitionOne, you can finally move away from last click and start seeing meaningful ROI improvement across all of your online advertising.

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