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IgnitionOne offers the industry’s leading Digital Marketing Suite to help marketers spend smarter, work easier and improve performance across all major forms of online advertising. Our technology allows you to buy, manage and optimize all biddable media within a central dashboard, including paid search, display, mobile and Facebook advertising. Our Cross Channel Attribution solutions also provide the tools you need to properly connect and attribute credit across multiple channels, for more accurate media insights and informed campaign decisions.

In addition, IgnitionOne uniquely offers Engagement Optimization which measures a website visitor’s level of on-site activity in order to show the effectiveness of tracked media channels, while allowing the marketer to focus their media budgets on the advertising that creates the most visitor engagement.

Paid Search

IgnitionOne has been leading innovations in search marketing for nearly a decade, with our advanced portfolio optimization algorithms, flexible bid rules and an internationalized platform for the most demanding search marketers worldwide.

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Manage, track and optimize display through our real-time bidding (RTB) interface or conduct more traditional buys through our own proprietary DSP, giving you real-time access to inventory on multiple ad exchanges, ad networks and even direct publisher sites.

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Build, manage, automate, track and report on Facebook advertising within our central platform, and measure its performance alongside other advertising channels.

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