Upcoming Events

  • 9/29/14
  • NY, NY
  • Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne, will participate in a panel with other senior leaders across the advertising ecosystem – from marketers and agencies to publishers and platforms – and will explore how the growing presence of mobile devices throughout the purchase process is impacting investments aimed at driving online and offline commerce.
  • 9/30/14-10/2/14
  • Seattle, WA
  • IgnitionOne will be exhibiting at Summit, which will showcase new ideas, proven tactics, and the latest technology solutions in order for attendees to learn more on engaging customers , increasing sales, and boosting clicks. The Summit includes focused programs such as digital retail boot camp, roundtables, and one-on-one website critiques. In addition, there will be key note speakers from leading industries and breakout session tracks to guide plans for success. A few tracks include channel convergence, inspiration and innovation,and conversion and acquisition. Chris Kncoh, VP of Strategy will be attending the event. To schedule a meeting or to learn more about IgnitionOne, e-mail him at
  • 10/14/14-10/16/14
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • IgnitionOne will be attending. This event will be an excellent opportunity to hear industry leaders deliver a wide array of valuable insights and perspectives on critical marketing issues facing the automotive industry. These industry leaders will represent OEMs, retailers, agencies, publishers, dealers, third-party websites, and affiliates. This event provides a great opportunity to create a network around experts and leaders in the field of automotive marketing. Ian Martin will be attending this event. E-mail him at to schedule a meeting or to learn more about IgnitionOne.
  • 10/25/14-10/30/14
  • San Diego, CA
  • IgnitionOne will be exhibiting at DMA. There will be the opportunity to hear multiple case studies from leading executives, network and share with thousands of your colleagues, and get industry-specific solutions from more than 300 companies. There will be 150 sessions over the course of six days, all on studies of how to drive your customer demand. In addition, join us for symposiums,soirees, open meetings, open bars, intimate receptions, and gala celebrations. If you would like to set up a meeting or learn more about IgnitionOne, please email us at
  • 12/10/14-12/13/14
  • Deer Valley, UT
  • IgnitionOne will be sponsoring the Search Insider Summit. Join to see executive multiple different brands, advertising, and search agencies. To name a few, Yahoo!, Adobe, Google, and Marchex. Brand Marketing Executives at this summit will include Macys,, Nordstrom, Scottrade, and many more! There will also be platform providers and search engines, exploring the next evolution of search marketing. This will be done across search engines, social networks, mobile devices, and brand Web sites. If you would like to set up a meeting or learn more about IgnitionOne, please email us at

Past Events

  • 9/10/14-9/11/14
  • Cologne, Germany, Europe
  • IgnitionOne will be at DMEXCO at Hall 7 / F029
  • 8/11/14-8/14/14
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • IgnitionOne is a sponsor of eTail East. With many speakers, insights and dynamic content, retailers are learning the plan for the new demands within the industry. You will find valuable opportunities on newer sales and marketing channels, as well as create important interactions with other attendees. If you would like to set up a meeting or learn more about IgnitionOne, please email us at
  • 8/4/14-8/6/14
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Join IgnitionOne for lunch on Tuesday, August 5. eduWeb Conference is an internationally ranked event for the higher education community. The event will hold 40+ presentations, six workshops, and a broad array of industry experts to present. The event will be packed with marketers who are passionate about new technologies and creative strategies for integrated digital marketing. Chris Kncoh, VP of Strategy will be attending this event. To schedule a meeting or to learn more about IgnitionOne, e-mail him at
  • 7/27/14-7/29/14
  • Deer Valley, UT
  • Join IgnitionOne and engage with retailers as they share their latest innovations on digital, both in-store and online. Learn how these are shaping the new shopping experience. This Summit will allow marketers to realize the shifting conditions in marketing strategies. In addition, learn about new technology developments on apps,platforms, and retail gadgets. Rod Schecter, Director of Strategy, will be attending this event. To make an appointment, contact Rod at
  • 7/14/14
  • Webinar, Online
  • Marketing Automation is on everyone’s mind. In this context, terms such as Engagement Scoring, User Journey and Dynamic Real-Time Interaction could raise issues. What does it look like in practice and what kind of potential does this technology offer? Our IgnitionOne Webinar series will be delving into this topic. <br><br> The first within the series, this webinar provides deeper insight into our proprietary User Engagement Score Algorithm and real life example of how a client has applied this to their marketing. <br><br> IgnitionOne successfully collaborates with 2/3 of all automotive manufacturers worldwide. Across all industries, 300 million unique users in more than 55 countries are scored monthly.
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