Why One?

The fragmented technology landscape means chaos for marketers
The current marketing technology landscape is inundated with companies offering one-off point solutions. Marketers are burdened with managing and integrating multiple platforms to effectively meet their online marketing needs, creating inefficiencies that result in lower ROI and lost revenue opportunities.

IgnitionOne's goal is to solve this challenge and to answer marketers’ most pressing digital questions within a single platform:

How can you effectively consolidate the technologies used to manage your website and online advertising, without sacrificing results?
How can you manage search, display and social advertising together to improve their performance?
How can you optimize your media to address direct-response as well as brand goals?
How can you attribute credit to different channels and optimize advertising accordingly?
How can you centralize user data to best address both the known and anonymous user?
How can you get incremental leads and sales from your website traffic?
How can you do this easily all in one platform?

An integrated suite of essential technologies creates efficiency and higher ROI
The IgnitionOne Digital Marketing Suite includes the most essential technologies you need to improve online revenue within a single interface: from managing and optimizing online advertising (search, display and Facebook) to attributing results across channels and improving conversions through Marketing Automation. In addition, the IgnitionOne platform offers powerful data management of real-time, user-level insights across channels -- including engagement, product interests and media exposure – and can allocate advertising budgets more efficiently and tailor marketing messages to each user’s unique interests.

The IgnitionOne Digital Marketing Suite offers technology integrated together into a single stack with the focus on user in the center:

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