SearchIgnite Releases Next Generation of Media Optimization Technology

Version 3.0 helps online marketers improve efficiencies, increase ROI

ATLANTA, GA – August 19, 2008 – SearchIgnite, a leading provider of online media management and optimization technology, today announced the release of Version 3.0 of its technology platform. The latest version represents a significant evolution in SearchIgnite’s technology and a major advancement in the tools available for today’s sophisticated online marketers. “We are pleased to release what we believe is simply the most advanced optimization and reporting technology currently offered for sophisticated marketers,” said Roger Barnette, President of SearchIgnite. “For marketers with large or complex search campaigns, SearchIgnite offers unmatched algorithmic, manual and rules based optimization to save time and improve ROI. The latest platform now provides the most comprehensive and actionable reporting available within the industry for measuring campaign performance across all major online media.”

Leading brands and their agencies currently entrust SearchIgnite’s technology with over $350 million in search marketing spend annually. Marketers who use SearchIgnite are able to track and analyze a wide range of information about their online media performance in order to make better-informed decisions about where and how to allocate their marketing dollars.

“SearchIgnite’s technology has increased the efficiency of our search marketing campaigns by providing us with enhanced features and additional data,” said Nicholas Utton, Chief Marketing Officer, E*TRADE FINANCIAL Corporation.

The latest version of SearchIgnite’s technology includes a number of advancements, such as the ability to segment and report across all digital channels, improved efficiency when managing paid search campaigns, and further expansion to SearchIgnite’s already extensive 3rd party data integration options.

“We have seen dramatic improvements in the performance of our paid search campaigns since we began using SearchIgnite,” said Andy Haynes of LM&O Advertising. “The latest version of their platform further enhances the level of data we have at our fingertips to increase ROI for our clients.”

Key enhancements in Version 3.0 include:

  • 1. Full multi-channel media tracking and reporting: Track and report on paid search, display, paid inclusion, organic search, e-mail and more to better understand the consumer sales funnel and properly attribute online media channels that lead to a sale.
  • 2. Assist keyword reporting: Run assist reports to view which keywords play a role in the customer search cycle - from generating interest up to a conversion.
  • 3. Custom KPIs: Input specific metrics or formulas to generate custom metrics in standard SearchIgnite reports.
  • 4. 44 new reports available: 44 new reports that can be run with the push of button, including creative and landing page testing reports.
  • 5. One page access to all reporting functionality: All reports and reporting functionality accessible through a central dashboard, with everything available in one click in both a graphical and “data only” view to make reporting on campaign performance faster and more efficient.

The latest tracking and reporting enhancements further boost SearchIgnite’s technology leadership. The company’s optimization capabilities are already well-regarded by sophisticated search marketers who use these features to improve performance from their paid search campaigns. SearchIgnite’s Portfolio Optimization Technology (SPOT) uses proprietary Wall Street analytics and complex algorithms to make intelligent and automated bid decisions in a transparent environment based on a marketer’s defined goals, saving time and alleviating the need for manual bid changes. SPOT can also forecast the profitability and success of a marketer’s media spend, providing valuable insight that can greatly increase campaign performance and ROI.

About SearchIgnite
SearchIgnite is a powerful auction media optimization technology that provides marketers and advertising agencies with one central platform for managing, optimizing and tracking complex cross-engine and multi-media campaigns in real time. Marketers who use SearchIgnite have full transparency and control over their campaigns with flexible bid management capabilities including manual and rules-based bidding, as well as highly advanced portfolio optimization. Leading marketers and agencies depend on SearchIgnite to save time and increase revenue from their online marketing and paid search campaigns. SearchIgnite is part of Innovation Interactive, a digital marketing services company.

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