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  • Philadelphia, PA
  • 8/11/14-8/14/14
  • IgnitionOne is a sponsor of eTail East. With many speakers, insights and dynamic content, retailers are learning the plan for the new demands within the industry. You will find valuable opportunities on newer sales and marketing channels, as well as create important interactions with other attendees. If you would like to set up a meeting or learn more about IgnitionOne, please email us at
  • Baltimore, MD
  • 8/4/14-8/6/14
  • Join IgnitionOne for lunch on Tuesday, August 5. eduWeb Conference is an internationally ranked event for the higher education community. The event will hold 40+ presentations, six workshops, and a broad array of industry experts to present. The event will be packed with marketers who are passionate about new technologies and creative strategies for integrated digital marketing. Chris Kncoh, VP of Strategy will be attending this event. To schedule a meeting or to learn more about IgnitionOne, e-mail him at
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