Case Studies

  • Acer Powers Clicks to Stores with the IgnitionOne Score

    Learn how the IgnitionOne Score helped drive online retail results across three countries for global electronics brand Acer wanted to create a better on site purchase journey for users by helping them navigate to their online store or to an independent retail partner. Acer’s primary objective was to increase the number of clicks to in turn generate more sales of their products and to maintain a balance between their own channels and external retail channels. Learn how by applying the IgnitionOne Score, Acer were able to determine each individual user’s level of engagement and primary product interestand increase clicks across internal and external retail channels [...]
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  • Learn How Toyota Increased Conversions by 360% on Facebook

    New case study explains how the IgnitionOne Engagement Score turbocharges Toyota's Facebook efforts IgnitionOne’s proprietary Engagement Score measures the historical and real-time behavior of each individual visiting a marketer’s website. The algorithm gives visitors a score based on their interests and propensity to buy. IgnitionOne then allows for customized 1:1 messages targeted to each user. Most recently, Toyota combined IgnitionOne Engagement Scores with their already successful Facebook’s Website Custom Audiences campaigns. The result? Higher lift in both engagement and conversions on Facebook with the ability to more precisely target website visitors across social. Learn how our Score-Powered Facebook Custom Audiences [...]
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  • IgnitionOne Surpasses Conversion Goal By 25% for Department Store Using Real-Time Scoring and Bidding Engine

    Challenge A national department store chain wanted to generate online sales on its website with a specific Cost per Revenue (CPR) goal. The retailer recently revised its marketing strategy and needed to find consumers that would be responsive to the new messaging within the competitive market. Solution The marketer recognized that customers who have visited the retail website in the past were more likely to show interest in the new messaging and return to complete a purchase. The retailer utilized IgnitionOne’s Score-Powered Display solution to set up a comprehensive program to target past website visitors. IgnitionOne’s proprietary scoring engine collected behavior analytics (such as frequency, […]
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  • Center Parcs Increases the Performance of its Digital Media Spend through Click Attribution

    CHALLENGE An element missing from Center Parc’s strengths was an understanding of the contribution each channel makes across the entire click path, with a specific focus on understanding generic keywords that initiate or assist a conversion and using these insights to maximize ROI. Center Parcs and Golley Slater faced a number of key challenges and partnered with IgnitionOne in order to find a solution. SOLUTION IgnitionOne analyzed the number of touchpoints in the online marketing mix to provide a better understanding of the full interactions among all channels. Center Parc’s channel prioritization was then defined, and insights and optimization through […]
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  • Extended Stay Hotels Drives Bookings by Holistically Managing Search and Display

    CHALLENGE Digital Marketing Works, LLC wanted to ramp up its online marketing campaign for its client, Extended Stay Hotels, to stay ahead in the competitive travel industry. The agency aimed to drive booking costs more efficiently with a high target ROAS for the popular hotel chain. SOLUTION Digital Marketing Works, LLC implemented IgnitionOne’s search and display media optimization solution to drive booking costs more effectively for Extended Stay Hotels. IgnitionOne’s technology drove higher website conversions by delivering real-time interactions that were personalized to each visitor’s specific interests and propensity to convert. IgnitionOne then capitalized on location-based, dynamic creative across both […]
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  • IgnitionOne Advisors Increase Return on Ad Spend by 32% for Destination Brands

    Case Study Our client, a leading global developer of destination properties, sought to maximize their paid search presence for two of their top brands in order to take better advantage of the trends in online research and bookings. IgnitionOne performed an efficiency analysis, measuring the ratio of clicks to ad spend along an efficiency curve and determined that their existing search account was operationally inefficient, resulting in high CPCs and low ROI. After conductung an account analysis, IgnitionOne identified that the brands also needed to improve the manageability of their accounts, A/B test promotional messaging, landing pages and creative in […]
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  • oreca_LM

    Search & Display Campaign Integration Drives Performance for Oreca Store

    Oreca Store is a leader in the sale of sports car parts and accessories and also a major French reseller of merchandize in the industry. BDBL is a digital media agency specializing in the optimization of search, social and display campaigns. BDBL and Oreca Store have been working together for almost four years, in an effort to maximize the ROI of online marketing campaigns. CHALLENGES Generate new sales With ambitious sales growth and ROI objectives, Oreca challenged BDBL Media to find new acquisition channels to generate new sales. Channel management in silos Like many e-tailers, Oreca Store used several solutions […]
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  • IgnitionOne Increases Revenue for Hotel Chain with Integrated Search & Display and Cross-Channel Attribution

    Challenge Digital Marketing Works, LLC sought IgnitionOne’s technology and advisor services to determine the optimal media mix and bolster conversions for its client, one of the largest operators of quality hotel accommodations for business and leisure travelers in the United States. The hotel chain suffered from the typical fragmented media structure, with multiple systems that tracked data from these networks and provided structure for optimizing their search and display campaigns separately. Solution Lacking a centralized tracking and optimization system, the hotel chain was not benefiting from consolidated attribution reporting. IgnitionOne proposed and implemented a model that brought together all siloed […]
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  • motel_6_case

    Motel 6 Increases Conversions with SPOT

    Challenge Motel 6, a major chain of budget hotels in the US and Canada, sought to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time in order to connect travelers to clean, comfortable rooms at the most cost-effective price using display advertising. Solution IgnitionOne’s Digital Marketing SuiteSM (DMS) offered SPOT®, the industry’s first predictive optimization tool for programmatic display, in order to enhance Motel 6’s display advertising efforts. The Predictive Portfolio Optimization feature allowed Motel 6 to visualize the forecasted performance of their display advertising campaigns on a curve that takes into account an array of budgeting [...]
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  • CPO Image

    IgnitionOne Increases Sales, Revenue for CPO Outlets

    Challenge CPO Outlets, a leading American online tool retailer, sought the help of IgnitionOne to simplify a very diverse collection of paid search campaigns and increase revenue. Solution CPO Outlets was previously making individual bid adjustments to all 40+ of the brands that they represent, which caused inefficiencies within their account. IgnitionOne proposed implementing Portfolio Optimization, which combined several brands sharing the same goal within one portfolio in order to enhance performance. This would assist in solving the complex issues experienced by CPO Outlets, and would drive an increase in revenue at a lower cost of sale. In a test, […]
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