You want your data fast. You want your data easy. You want your data presented the way that helps your business. Use actionable analytics and insights that are seamlessly integrated into a single technology stack to drill down into the metrics that matter and help the most relevant data rise to the top.

  • See all your important data in one place, whether we are talking cross-account, campaign-level or drilling down groups, keywords or ads.
  • Roll up your sleeves and dig into the data with tools built to tackle huge datasets with ease. Fast sorting, column selection and sorting and locking to keep your bearings in large reports.
  • Understand your users. No one else provides the insights available to report across attribution models and Engagement Metrics.
  • It’s all right in front of you with data visualization features. At-a-glance reporting tools keep you on top of what is happening across your accounts.

Data Analytics - insights at a glance Digital Marketing Suite


Last click is so last year… Instead of basing time and effort on just one stop of your customer’s journey, get a clear view into every step that led to a conversion.  IgnitionOne technology unlocks the secrets to success with powerful attribution capabilities. What’s the right mix to target this customer based on their search activity? How many display ads do they need to see before they convert? How did Facebook impact their customer journey?  How does email engagement affect display ads response? Where does mobile targeting make sense? How important are top-of-the funnel keywords?  We’ve got you covered. Our flexible, multi-exposure system properly assigns credit for each customer touchpoint across all of your channels so you can understand what’s really working in real time to make smarter campaign decisions. And, our multi-exposure attribution data feeds directly into our optimization system to bid appropriately across the whole customer lifecycle.

Cross channel attribution reporting - actionable insights

Media Mix Modeling

Do you set your media budget by gut instinct? Magic eight-ball? Doing what you did last year? Our Media-Mix Model tool shows you what you should spend for each channel to reach your goals while being flexible enough to account for real-world constraints. See predicted marketing performance based on historical data and forecasting models, and understand where your next dollar should be spent whether or not those channels are managed within the DMS.

  • Determine optimal spend across all channels
  • Optimize budgets based on forecasted scenarios
  • Leverage past data to prepare for seasonality.
  • See the full picture with powerful visualizations

Media Mix Modeling for cross channel budget forecasting and optimization
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