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The digital marketing landscape is complex and confusing.

The current online marketing technology landscape is fragmented and complex, with a multitude of technology providers offering point solutions that only solve a portion of marketers’ needs. There are paid search platforms, display platforms (DSPs), technologies for managing Facebook advertising, attribution providers, on-site optimization companies and even tag management companies.

We’ve spoken to digital leaders at some of the world’s largest companies, and learned that many of them utilize more than 5+ different technologies to optimize their online marketing. Often, these technologies aren’t integrated and don’t funnel up to a centralized reporting system that gives marketers insight into their performance across channels. It’s hard to manage, and even harder to improve ROI with so many disparate and disconnected pieces.

We believe this landscape is inefficient and unfair to marketers, who are tasked with integrating these siloed technology offerings and challenged daily to keep up with the changing landscape.

That’s why we formed IgnitionOne, to improve online performance by integrating and streamlining the most essential technologies marketers need today. By incorporating the best of breed media management and attribution technology of SearchIgnite and the on-site optimization and real-time audience scoring of Netmining, we have created something revolutionary.

With our Digital Marketing Suite, marketers have all of the essential technology solutions they need, united under a single interface, user scoring system and tag.

  • Purchase, manage and optimize search, display and social advertising (Facebook) in one platform
  • Attribute performance across channels and receive actionable insights that can improve ROI
  • Optimize your website to achieve more leads and sales with advanced content personalization and lead generation technologies

Marketers can finally close the loop between the advertising that drives people to their website and the solutions that convert them into leads and sales. We believe this is a powerful combination that will dramatically improve efficiencies and revolutionize the way marketers optimize their online marketing performance.

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Will Margiloff, Chief Executive Officer
Toon Vanparys, Chief Revenue Officer
Roger Barnette, President

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